How Does Home Buyers YEG Work?

I get calls every day asking me to learn a little more about Home Buyers YEG & how we work as a company? Our slogan ‘We Buy Houses YEG’ doesn’t provide much of an explanation but this blog post will!Selling Your Home, HomeBuyers

At HomeBuyersYEG we Renovate houses, Re-develop the property or Hold homes as cash flowing investment properties.

It’s that easy! HomeBuyersYEG searches for mutually beneficial deals in Edmonton where a real estate seller would benefit from a quick worry free sale & we can benefit from adding value to the homes current condition.

Our services are definitely not for everyone but we strive to find the perfect fit & when we do, the seller walks away with what they wanted out of the house & we’re able to get our hands dirty on another project!

Is my house right for this sort of a sale? 

HomeBuyersYEG could be the perfect solution for getting rid of your home in many instances. Are you:

Unmotivated to fix up your home before putting it on the market?

Worried about keeping your house neat for never ending ‘walk throughs’?

Is there not enough equity in your home to interest realtors?

Worried your home’s structural conditions would stop future buyers from getting a mortgage on the place?

HomeBuyersYEG works for many different situations & if you’re not happy with our price at least you gave it a shot! Next time you’re thinking of selling call 780-306-1661 & find out what we’d be willing to pay on the spot! Or contact us online!






Real Estate Investors Keys To Success

Real Estate investing can make you hate or love owning property and much of that outcome can be entirely decided by luck. Luck is definitely a factor in Real Estate (like many business ventures) but luck only lasts for so long.. Here’s a few tips I’ve learned from some of the true Edmonton Pro’s who make money over & over on every deal the pursue.

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#1 Patience

When I first began investing in Real Estate I was convinced the only thing worse than a bad Real Estate deal was letting your capital rot in a bank account or low risk mutual fund. After some time spent working with a few guys who are truly the best in the business, here in Edmonton, I learned there’s always a better deal.

The key is to find the right balance between a ‘rare’ deal and a ‘unnatural’ deal a rare deal happens every day in Edmonton, someone will find a piece of property for 10-$30,000 under the current market price, which is to be expected with real estate as the market is not entirely efficient. An unnatural deal is the type of deal you hear about from a friend of a friend – someone who found a giant lot in Westmount with an old lady who wouldn’t let him pay more even though he insisted (a true story I actually heard once). Unfortunately, waiting for this deal is like trying to win the lotto and the man power to finally find this perfect lot often goes unrewarded. What I’ve learned – be patient but not hopeful and put the time and energy you would waste on countless walk through’s and negotiations towards making that one ‘rare’ deal into a really fantastic flip or cash flowing asset!

#2 It’s Okay To Spend Money on a House Before You Buy It

If you find a really great opportunity but the house is a little rough around the edges, do not skip the 300-1,000 dollars it takes to get the place fully inspected. The main reason is to prepare yourself for what is to come. It may be hard to spend that sort of money up upfront before the house is yours but knowing what’s behind those basement walls or lurking in your sellers attic is definitely worth it.

An example how this could work towards your benefit: I recently purchased a home in Elmwood, it had been on the market for 106 days (usually this is a bad sign) – I spent about $600 on inspections before buying to find #1 the seemingly poorly build upgrades were to code #2 the electrical & plumbing where fine #3 the house was in good shape structurally. After 106 days on market the sellers were pretty much convinced the house was worth land value. I got the house for 285K & the initial listing price was 370K! That’s not too bad!

So, in the future: Don’t fall into the trap of expecting too much from a real estate deal and Don’t get careless about ensuring the asset you’re about to buy is truly as good as you think it is!


What to Renovate In Your House, and When?

Renovations can by fun but the costs add up fast! How can you add value through your renovations and not waste time and money on useless reno’s?

#1 Fix What Your Property Inspection Suggested

Did you have a property inspection when you bought your house? If you bought a house older than 30 years odds are you did! My biggest suggestion would be to go back and find that report then follow many of the small renovations they suggest. In order to do this properly I would hire a handyman, as it will cost you more time than it’s worth to do it on your own, as this task includes a lot of researching technical terms! When should you do this? Preferably before you get renters, many of these suggestions are minor liabilities & odds are, if you’re renting your place, the next buyer will be holding it as a rental property as well. So protect yourself now and create a really good first impression on future buyers when they get your property inspected!

#2 Decide Why You’re Renovating Before You Decide What To Renovate!

Would your kitchen look great with a new back splash? Are the light fixtures no longer in fashion? Those are two really great investments for a home! But are they right for you? Are you planning on holding your home as a rental for the next 5 years? If so, maybe your renters would rather have new locks on their bedroom doors, or maybe even a furnace cleaning! I’ve walked through many houses where I see owners who have gotten a little too excited and renovated before they began renting. The key is to make your house nice enough to get and maintain renters but save all aesthetic improvements for AFTER your renters are moved out and you’re hoping for a quick sale!

#3 Quotes & Questions 

Get several quotes from many different professionals before you choose to do any work on your house, and more than just that, ask these 2 main questions:

  • What would be your price to do this if I paid for the material and you worked hourly?

Ask this question to get a better idea of exactly what people are pricing their personal time at.

  • How many other jobs are you currently doing? And what is the normal scope of your jobs?

Many times people will take on more work than they can handle. This is a natural aspect of the trades, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring so don’t turn down present opportunities! This can cause a lot of trouble, you need to find someone with less commitments, the more attention they have on your project the better service and quality of work you will get. The second part of this question ‘normal scope’ is because you want the right person for the job. If you’re trying to get a boutique fence for your front yard & you’ve hired a landscaping company that normally builds fences for neighborhoods lining the Henday, you’re paying the same amount for a fence builder who may not understand the intricacies of a small aesthetic fence and will also be much less focused on your project compared to their other projects. I cannot stress these two questions enough, this will save you both time and money!